DATEX II Forum 2018 and beyond

The 2018 DATEX II Forum concluded with the “Declaration of Utrecht”: a non-binding guidance document for the future of DATEX II. It consists of 10 statements written entirely during the Forum, derived from the break-out sessions, answers of the platoons and from highlights of the program. The statements were presented, discussed and finalized at the end of the Forum in a panel discussion with DATEX II experts and representatives of relevant stakeholders. The Declaration of Utrecht, therefore, contains the concluding statements of the Forum and shows us how DATEX II should evolve in the coming years. The DATEX II Steering Group has since adopted the Declaration of Utrecht and has taken account of its content in writing the work plan for 2019-2020. 

In the document “DATEX II Forum 2018 and beyond” the DATEX II Steering Group explains how the DATEX II organization will incorporate the feedback received from the community based on the statements of the Declaration of Utrecht. 

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